Maker of the month

Share a photo of your dolls made using our sewing patterns, and we'll feature it in our Instagram stories. Each month, my daughter Seren picks her favourite photos and selects a Maker of the Month. The chosen winner gets to pick a sewing pattern from our shop

Share your photos in the Studio Seren Facebook customer community or by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively email your photo to or send a direct message through one of our social media accounts

We do our best to showcase all your photos in our Instagram stories, but as a small team, we might miss a few here and there. You can find all the photos we've shared in the folders on our Instagram profile page

If you don't see your photo there, just give us a shout, and we'll make sure it's included next month when Seren next picks the Maker of the Month

We adore seeing your creations - they bring us so much joy. We hope you enjoy looking through the Maker of the Month posts below for lots of creative ideas and inspiration!