Maker of the Month catchup December - March - Studio Seren

Maker of the Month catchup December - March

Things have been really busy lately - both at home and with work so I've fallen quite behind in announcing the Maker of the Month the past few months! With our community growing, more photos are being shared, making it easy to fall behind. Moving forward, my daughter Seren will lend a hand to share your photos in my Instagram stories which should hopefully mean I can share these posts more regularly! 

In this blog post, you'll get to see some of Seren's favourite photos of dolls made with my sewing patterns that were shared each month, along with her pick for Maker of the Month. The chosen Maker will have the opportunity to select a sewing pattern of their choice from my website. Read on to be inspired by some beautiful makes! 


You can see some of Seren's favourite bunny, lamb and chick photos that were shared during in the Easter sew-along post 

Seren loved the colours Christine had combined to make her unicorn    
Stacy's deer was one of Seren's favourites. She thought the colours and fabrics were really pretty  
Seren thought that Lauren's fox was a really cute character
Seren said that Eliska's teddy was really beautiful 
Seren loved Jess's ballerina mouse. She thought she was beautifully made 
Hilary's puppy made Seren smile. She said he's adorable

Seren adored the pyjamas that Christine made for her cat. She thought it looked super cute!

Seren said that Marcy's bear was really sweet 
Seren loved the dress that Katlynne made for her cute kitty 
Seren thought Vicky's elephant was absolutely beautiful! She adored the color combination used for the clothes and the lace ears
Seren loved how the embroidered daisies that Lilibette added to her mouse's overalls made it look extra special!
Seren thought Ana's elephant looked super sweet! She adored the soft colors Ana chose for the body and dress

Seren said that Hannah's fox had the sweetest, friendliest face and looked absolutely lovely in her dress!

Seren absolutely adored the fabric combination Laura chose!

Seren thought Jo's horse looked absolutely beautiful. She also thought her dress was just perfect!

Seren thought that the fabric that Bethany chose for her elephant's body made her look magical and extra special!
Seren loved Nel's pink elephants and how cute they looked together! 
Seren loved the mix of fabrics Marcy used for her elephant and how adorable it turned out!
Seren though that Rochelle's puppy looked so cool in his bermuda shirt! 
Seren's Maker of the Month for March is Jacqueline! She adored her beautiful horse and thought her dress looked lovely! 



You can see some of Seren's favourite Valentines dolls made during February for the sew-along here

Seren thought Kelli's fox looked really glamorous 
Seren loved the colours and fabrics that Nina used for her horse. She thought it looked really sweet
Seren thought Dyan's unicorn was magical and loved her dress 
Seren really liked the fabric that Kathy used for her deer and thought it made it look really unique  
Seren thought Marcy's cat was a really cute character 
Seren loved Astrid's bear and all the cute details she had added to her outfit 
Seren loved the ballerina outfit Tina made for her elephant 
Seren thought that Sharon's teddy bear was adorable
Seren thought Carmen's bear couple was really cute 
Seren thought Lorraine's fox was really sweet 
Benta's lambs made Seren smile 
Seren thought Simona's fairy cat was so sweet! 
Seren loved the fabrics that Sharon used for her sweet fox 
Seren thought that Martha had made her mouse beautifully and loved her outfit 
Seren thought Camilla's deer couple were super cute 
Seren loved the pyjamas that Tina made for her cute kitty 
Seren loved the colours that Lisette used to make her wolf 
Seren thought these unicorns that Clare made were beautiful in their polkadot dresses 
Seren chose Elisabeth's unicorn cat as her Maker of the Month for February! She thought it was absolutely adorable and adored the colours and fabrics used to make it



Seren thought Tina's bunny couple were really cute
Seren said that Sheila's elephant was super sweet 
Seren loved the colours that Judith used for her bunny 
Seren loved the fabrics that Stefania combined for her bunny's dress
Seren though that Sarah's deer was adorable 
Karine's deer bought a big smile to Seren's face
Seren loved the fabrics that Simona put together to create a stylish outfit for her fox!
Seren thought Sanita's elephant was absolutely adorable!
Seren adored the colourful dress that Heather made for her mouse 
Seren was impressed with Stefania's adorable fox and thought she was the absolute perfect ballerina in her fancy outfit!
Seren thought Wendi's fox was quite a charming character!
Seren thought Aga's lamb was an absolute sweetheart 
Seren really liked the beautiful colours that Rebekah used to craft her enchanting unicorn!
Seren thought Sharon's kitty was magic! 
Juli's lovely lamb was a firm favourite! 
Seren adored the vibrant clothes that Sally made for her adorable wolf and fox!
Seren thought that Isabelle cat was really stylish! 
Seren adores Bev's adorable puppy! She's smitten with his cute outfits and how charming he looks.
Seren loved Margaret's cute puppy 
Seren's Maker of the Month for January was Daiva. She thought her tooth fairy mouse was really special. She adored all the little details Daiva had added to make her the perfect fairy!



Seren loved the colourful curly hair Jess made for her unicorn
Seren thought Laura's kitty had a really sweet face 

Seren adored how cute Marianne's kitty looked in her lovely pajamas!

Seren said that Lauren's bunny is really pretty, and she loved the personal touch of the embroidery on her ear.
Seren thought Christine's cat and bear were adorable! 
Seren loved how cute Erin's dolls looked and the lovely fabrics she used for their clothes 
Seren said Kim's kitty was a cutie! 
Emily's photo brought a big smile to Seren's face! She loved her creativity making so many different types of puppies and kitties
Seren was really impressed with the dress Brenda made for her sweet unicorn
Seren thought Emily's bear was a real sweetheart! 
Seren loved the adorable dolls that Kristi made 
Seren loved Susan's basket full of cuteness! 
Seren said Sylvie's lovely lamb looked sweet  
Seren thought Caroline had done a great job making her mouse and said her overalls were really cute

Seren thought Jenny's unicorn looked absolutely magical in her fancy dress!

Seren said that Samantha's photo is just too cute! 
Seren loved Cindy's cute bear couple in their coordinated outfits

Seren was so impressed by Sally's unicorn and her lovely dress!

Seren loved the pretty outfit that Aga made for her beautiful mouse 
Seren's Maker of the Month for December was Arabella's birthday cat. Seren loved her and thought she was really creative and cute! 


Congratulations to all the incredible Makers of the Months! I'll be reaching out to them so they can pick their patterns

A massive thank you to everyone who shares photos of their beautiful creations. It's inspiring to see the lovely dolls you make using my patterns

If you have made a doll with one of my sewing patterns don't forget to share it and you will be featured in my Instagram stories 

You can share your photos by...

  • Tagging @studioserenpatterns on Instagram
  • Tagging @studioseren on Facebook 
  • Emailing or sending me a direct message through one of my social accounts
  • Sharing a photo in the Studio Seren Facebook community if you have ordered one of my doll sewing patterns
  • Including a photo with a review on my website or Etsy store

I try to make sure to include all the photos shared with me in my Instagram stories, but if I've missed yours, please let me know!

I always announce the winners in a blog post before contacting them. If you receive messages about winning a prize, please check my website first. Your safety is important to me, so never share personal information unless you've verified it's from me. If you have any concerns, reach out to me at

Lots of love

Emma x

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