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Snowman pattern hack

A Christmas gift from me to you for all your support this year! I've made a pattern hack so you can turn some of my existing sewing patterns into a gingerbread doll. Read on to find out more

The pattern hack shows you how to turn my bunnybearcat or dog sewing patterns into an adorable snowman! It's a quick and easy doll to make and would make a fun decoration or gift for Christmas. The pattern hack includes a pattern for the nose and templates to draw the snowman's face

The snowman has the same size body as the other animals in my doll sewing patterns, so it can wear any of their clothes. It looks especially cute wearing the accessories in my new winter essentials sewing pattern

snowman doll made with studio seren sewing patterns

My snowman is wearing the shirt from the elephant sewing pattern, the shorts from the bunny sewing pattern and a waistcoat/vest, hat, scarf and furry boots from the winter essentials sewing pattern 

You can download the snowman pattern hack from my customer Facebook group. Go to the homepage of the group and look in the FILES section to find it. Everyone who orders my doll sewing patterns is invited to join the group. It is a friendly and supportive community where you can watch video demonstrations, find lots of extra resources to support your doll-making journey, ask questions and see dolls made by people all over the world. We would love to see you there! 

Make a snowman doll for the Christmas sew-along

The Christmas sew-along is running from now until the 22 December. To join in share a photo of a Christmas-themed doll made using my sewing patterns. I'll be sharing everyone's photos in my Instagram stories and when the sew-along is finished my daughter Seren will be choosing some of her favourites to feature on my website. She'll also be choosing one person to win a free sewing pattern! 

You can share your photos by tagging me in a photo on Instagram, emailing it to or sharing it in the customer Facebook group

Lots of love and happy sewing!

Emma x

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Wow! You have such beautiful and amazing patterns. I can confess this Sonwman is so adorable.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us.

Loads of love Paula xx

Paula Azevedo

I love your work it’s so cute

Leidy Hernandez

I love your work it’s so cute i

Leidy Hernandez

So darn cute! I love your patterns, thank you so much!


This is so adorable! You come up with just the best ideas and patterns. I so enjoy this. Thanks for all you do.


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