Are your patterns suitable for beginners? 

Most of my patterns are perfect for beginners. All you need is a basic understanding of how to use a sewing machine. You don't need specific experience making dolls. If you're just starting out, I recommend trying the bunny pattern first, as it's the easiest one. I've intentionally designed the clothes to be simple and beginner-friendly. Even in my more advanced patterns, I write the instructions as if I'm speaking to a beginner. I believe that everyone can benefit from helpful prompts, regardless of their level of experience. If you're curious about the difficulty level of any of my patterns, you can find out more here. For those patterns that require more experience, I provide a reason why, so you can decide if you're ready to give it a try

Do you need a sewing machine to make your patterns? 

While using a sewing machine will make things quicker, it's not a requirement. Some of my customers have successfully sewn my patterns completely by hand

Do the clothes that come with each doll fit the other dolls? 

Absolutely! The animals all have the same size body, which means that the clothes are interchangeable between dolls. You can mix and match to your heart's content. It's so much fun to see the different outfits and combinations you can create!

Are the clothes that come with the doll patterns available to purchase separately

The clothes that come with the doll patterns are not available for individual purchase, but there are plenty of other clothing options that you can choose from! For example, you can purchase the daisy dress, the Spring outfit, fairy outfit, or the pyjamas separately. I'll be adding more individual clothing patterns to the collection soon!

Can I buy your patterns in my country? 

My sewing patterns are available in the majority of countries around the world. However, due to certain restrictions, there are a few countries where I am unable to sell my patterns directly through my website. If this is the case for you, don't worry - you will be automatically redirected to my Etsy shop where you can still order my patterns

What is the fee added to my order at the checkout?

You may have noticed an additional fee at the checkout - this is the tax or VAT that I am required to collect for the government in your country. As a seller of digital products like PDF sewing patterns, I am obligated to pay taxes in the country where my customers reside. The tax that you pay goes directly to your country and helps support people who live there :-) 

 What languages are the patterns written in? 

Currently, my sewing patterns are only available in English. However, I'm hoping to offer them in other languages in the future. The instructions do have step-by-step photographs that can be helpful even if you don't speak English. When. you order a doll pattern you are invited to a Facebook group where there are also video demonstrations for some things like sewing the eyes and stuffing the head. 

Some of my customers have shared with me that they use Google Translate to translate the instructions into their language. The Google Translate app allows you to take photos of the instructions and see them in your language. If you have access to a computer, you can upload the whole instruction file to Google Translate and it will automatically translate it into your language. 

While I haven't personally tried translating patterns using Google Translate I've heard positive feedback and I regularly use it to speak to my customers

How do I access my pattern? 

Once your payment is processed, you will be taken to an order confirmation page where you can find a download button to access your pattern. Additionally, a download link will be emailed to you. If you can't find the email, here are some possible reasons:

  1. It has gone to another folder: Most times when people can't find the email it has gone to their Junk or Spam folder. If you're using Gmail it could also be in the promotion and social folders. Sometimes people have accidentally moved or deleted the email. If you search your email account for patterns@studioseren.com you should find it, whichever folder it is in

  2. Your inbox may be full: If your inbox is full, there might not be enough space to receive new messages. You can delete some messages and then contact me at patterns@studioseren.com, and I'll resend the email

  3. You may have entered your email address incorrectly: If you think you might have entered your email address incorrectly during checkout, contact me at patterns@studioseren.com and I'll check and resend your pattern 

I'm having trouble downloading the files

If you are experiencing issues with downloading the files, there are a few things you can try. Firstly, if your internet connection or phone signal drops out during the download, the file may be incomplete or corrupted. In this case, try deleting the files and downloading them again when you have a stronger signal or WiFi connection.

If you click the download links and nothing happens, it may be due to an issue with your web browser. Try disabling any non-standard add-ons, such as ad blockers or toolbars, and attempt the download again. If you are still experiencing problems, please reach out to me at patterns@studioseren.com and I will be happy to assist you

How do you open the zip file? 

Begin by saving the file, then...

  • Mac. double click the zipped file. The file will automatically be decompressed by the archive utility and save back into the folder the zip file is in already
  • iPhone / iPad. Open the Files app and click on 'Open' in 'Files' Choose a location for your zip file and then select 'Add' to save the files to our selected folder
  • PC. Right click on the zip folder and then select 'Extract All', follow the instructions to save to your PC
  • Android. Open My Files app and tap the Downloads link. Find your zip folder and select Extract to unzip and save your files to your selected folder

I can't open the files

To access the files, you will need a PDF reader. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ensure that you have the most recent version of the application installed

How do you print the pattern?

The Printing Instructions file which is included in your download explains how to print the pattern and instructions accurately for A4 and Letter Size paper

Can I sell dolls made with your patterns? 

You are welcome to sell dolls made with my patterns as long as you follow my terms and conditions for selling items made with my patterns

Do you sell dolls?

I don't sell dolls. However, making dolls with my sewing patterns is easier than you may think. If you're new to sewing, my bunny sewing pattern is perfect for beginners!