Copyright and selling items

Selling items made with Studio Seren sewing patterns

Selling sewing patterns is how I support my family. A huge amount of time and energy goes into designing each sewing pattern. They are the accumulation of years of doll making experience. I love to share this with you and give you the opportunity to make money from items that you have made using my patterns. In return, I ask that you respect my work and observe the following terms and conditions.

  • Items are not mass-produced in any way. They must be handmade by the individual who purchased the pattern
  • Items are not sold in large numbers - no more than 100 dolls/items per year can be sold using each pattern
  • Items must only be sold directly to customers. Items must not be sold wholesale to businesses
  • Patterns are not adapted to make other animals to sell. For example, you can not buy the bunny pattern and adapt it to make a bear or create new animals to sell
  • All website or Etsy listings include the following: ‘Made using a Studio Seren pattern' 
  • All photos or videos of the item shared on social media include the following text ‘Made using a Studio Seren pattern’ A link to my social media page or website should also be included. For example, on Instagram tag my page @studioserenpatterns  
  • As the maker of the item, you ensure that it complies with all relevant safety standards and legislation
  • You may not sell dolls made with my sewing patterns if you also sell doll or stuffed animal sewing patterns 

Using my sewing patterns to run workshops

I allow physical face-to-face workshops to be run in your local area using my sewing patterns if permission is requested first. All students must buy a copy of the sewing pattern in advance. Please contact me at to organise. Online workshops are not permitted.  

Copyright of my pattern

Sharing, selling or distributing my pattern and instructions electronically or in printed form is strictly prohibited. All elements of my sewing pattern and instructions are protected under British and European copyright law which applies internationally - this includes the pattern itself as well as the words, images and drawings in the instructions. Resizing my patterns, making slight changes to my patterns or adapting my patterns to make other animals are all examples of derivative works which are strictly prohibited

Please contact if you have any questions