Easter sewing patterns and freebies roundup - Studio Seren

Easter sewing patterns and freebies roundup

As Easter approaches, check out the latest Studio Seren Easter sewing patterns and freebies to add that extra special touch to your Easter baskets. There are lots of cute options to choose from, including beautiful bunnies, adorable chicks, and lovely lambs. So get your sewing machine ready and let's hop to it!

Easter sewing patterns

Bunny sewing pattern - perfect for beginners

The original size (15") bunny was my first sewing pattern and my easiest. This pattern is ideal for complete beginners. The clothing design is intentionally simple to help you build confidence in sewing doll clothes. A bunny doll is a timeless gift and perfect for Easter baskets

This pattern enables you to make bunny dolls with either floppy or stand-up ears. Like my other animal doll patterns, you have the option to sew or paint the bunny's face, choosing from templates for open or closed eyes. You'll be able to make your bunny shorts or a skirt to wear and make a bow for it to wear as either a bow tie or beside its ear

Bunny sewing pattern and tutorial - Studio Seren

Lamb sewing pattern - a sweet alternative which epitomises Spring

A lamb doll is a cute option for your Easter baskets that embodies the essence of Spring. No prior doll-making experience is necessary, but this pattern is best suited for confident beginners. If you've already made some of my beginner patterns, this is a great next project. The lamb dolls have a playful and adorable charm! As with all my animal doll patterns, you'll have the option to sew or paint the doll's face using templates for open or closed eyes. It includes patterns for making a dress, a romper, a jumpsuit, and a bow

Lamb sewing pattern and tutorial - Studio Seren

Mini-Size chick sewing pattern - A charming addition to your Easter baskets

My new mini-size chick pattern (11") makes an adorable addition to Easter baskets. These charming characters bring a touch of delight with their adorable design, particularly their cute webbed feet! This versatile pattern allows you to make a chick, a mallard duck or a chicken and is suitable for confident beginners, with some intermediate options. Similar to my other animal doll patterns, you can choose to sew or paint the doll's face, offering templates for both open and closed eyes. You can add a round or pointed beak and sew a tuft or comb to your bird's head. You can choose to make webbed feet or simpler rounded ones. The pattern also includes a range of clothing options, including two styles of shorts, two types of skirts, and a bow that can be worn as a bow tie or attached to the bird's head

Mini chick, duck and chicken sewing pattern - Studio Seren

Baby-size bunny sewing pattern - quick and cute Easter basket fillers

My new baby-size bunnies are a quick and adorable Easter gift. At just 7 inches (18cm), these tiny bunnies are perfect for Easter baskets and pocket adventures! Like the original-size bunny pattern, you can choose to make a baby bunny with floppy or stand-up ears and you can choose to sew or paint the bunny's face, using templates for both open and closed eyes. The pattern includes overalls, a headband and a baby carrier, so the original-size bunnies can carry the babies around their necks. The baby bunny pattern is suitable for confident beginners. If you are new to sewing I recommend making the original-size bunny pattern first

Baby bunny sewing pattern - Studio Seren

Baby bunny sewing pattern - Studio Seren


Easter freebies

Fabric carrot sewing pattern

You can make three sizes of fabric carrots with this free sewing pattern. They are a cute addition to your doll's accessories, perfect for Easter baskets or as decorations around the home during the Easter season

Easter colouring sheet

This free Easter colouring sheet is an enjoyable activity for both kids and adults. Consider including it with your handmade Easter dolls to make your gift even more fun to play with

Sew an adorable carrot bag

This simple carrot bag adds extra cuteness to your handmade bunnies. It's easy to sew and perfect for hiding tiny treats! It would be a great Easter activity for older children to learn how to sew

A cute chick costume for your dolls

You can make this adorable chick costume for your original size dolls using the ballerina outfit sewing pattern and the free chick face template available in my customer Facebook group

Felt carrot pattern

These cute felt carrots make a sweet addition to your handmade Easter gifts. This simple sewing project is incredibly easy - you could even make them with children as a fun Easter activity or their first sewing project

Easter egg treat holders

These felt Easter eggs are simple to create, making them a perfect activity to enjoy with your children. You can sew a pocket onto the back of the eggs, allowing you to hide little treats inside. They make a lovely gift for your children to give to their friends for Easter or can be used for Easter egg hunts. You could even string them together to create a festive Easter garland


Easter sew-along

The Easter sew-along is running from now until Thursday 28 March. To join in share a photo of an Easter-themed doll made using my sewing patterns. You could make a bunny, a lamb or even on of my new mini-size chicks! I'll be sharing everyone's photos in my Instagram stories and when the sew-along is finished my daughter Seren will be choosing some of her favourites to feature on my website. She'll also be choosing one person to win a free sewing pattern!

You can share your photos by tagging me in a photo on Instagram, emailing it to patterns@studioseren.com or sharing it in the customer Facebook group


I hope the Easter sewing patterns and free resources in this guide help you to add a personalised, handmade touch to your Easter celebrations. Wishing you a wonderful Easter and happy sewing sweet friends!

Lots of love

Emma x

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