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At Studio Seren we've been making dolls for years, and are always on the lookout for the best quality tools and supplies to make sewing our dolls as quick and easy as possible

We know how overwhelming it can be when you're just starting your doll-making journey. To make it easier for you we've searched through Amazon to find our top doll-making supplies so you can spend less time searching for the perfect tools and more time bringing your adorable creations to life!

Your one-stop-shop for doll-making tools

Whether you're an experienced doll maker or are just starting out, our handpicked selection of doll-making essentials will help you easily find high-quality tools and supplies. From the basics like good quality threads and stuffing to special tools that make doll-making quicker and easier like hemostats, tube turners and doll needles, you'll find all of the tools that we recommend in our sewing patterns and use every day. Plus, we share loads of other things like useful sewing books, adorable accessories for your dolls, and all the supplies you need for pressing, knitting, and painting. We've even included things to keep your sewing machine running smoothly and your sewing supplies organised!

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Every time you shop through our storefronts, we earn a small commission and the best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny extra! This allows us to keep creating resources to support your doll-making journey. If you spot something you love in our storefront, using the links to shop is a wonderful way to show your support and it means the world to us!

Check our our resources pages to learn more about our favourite doll-making tools and our favourite fabrics for doll-making 

Lots of love and happy sewing

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