Happiness is handmade...

I have always loved sewing and creating. All the women in my family are makers and an inspiration to me. 

My mum used to make handmade animal dolls to sell when I was younger and taught me how to sew. My Nain was forever knitting! She would knit me toys and clothes. My Nanna made her own clothes and had a wonderful house full of fabrics and buttons, with a beautiful old Singer sewing machine. I would spend hours playing with her button tin. 

I was lucky to be made a few handmade dolls when I was a child. I love how each one had its own personality and reminded me of the person who made it for me. I adored and treasured them.    

When my daughter Seren was younger, I wanted to pass my love of sewing on to her, so I made her a doll. I fell in love with making them and continued making them for friends and family, developing my own style the more that I learned. I started selling dolls professionally in 2018 through my other business, Seren Dolls. I work from my home studio in the heart of England and have made hundreds of dolls for people across the world.  

Making a handmade doll with your hands is such a rewarding experience. I love choosing which fabrics to use and seeing their personality come to life with each stitch. I could never get tired of the look of delight on a loved one's face when you give it to them! 

Through Studio Seren I want to share everything I've learnt with you so that you can make your own handmade dolls. I hope that I can inspire you so that you can share my joy for sewing.  

Lots of love

Emma x

Studio Seren sewing pattern designer Emma Page