Selling dolls made with Studio Seren patterns

At Studio Seren, we value community and take pride in how our patterns empower home sewers to support their families with their creative talents

You are not required to buy a license to sell dolls made from our patterns. We simply ask that you appreciate the effort put into creating our designs by properly acknowledging them when selling items

For those interested in selling dolls using our patterns, we have set specific terms and conditions to safeguard our business and ensure fair recognition of our designs

Handmade only

  • Each item should be lovingly handmade by you, the individual who purchased the pattern and only sold directly to customers. Dolls/items made with our patterns are not allowed to be sold wholesale or to other businesses
  • We limit the number of dolls/items you can sell using each sewing pattern to 100 per year. Anything more than this is considered mass production, which is strictly prohibited

Credit the creator

  • Each item sold must clearly state that it is made using Studio Seren patterns. This should be included in the product description when selling the item and with any accompanying materials or labels that accompany the doll 
  • All social media posts should credit our designs and link to our website or social media accounts. Simply include 'made using a Studio Seren pattern' in your post, reel, or story. You can find a full list of our social media accounts here. By tagging me in your content, I'm able to share it with my followers, helping people find and support your small business

Patterns can't be adapted

  • While minor modifications to personalise your dolls are permitted, significant alterations that change the original design of the pattern are strictly not allowed
  • Adapting our patterns to create different animals to sell is strictly prohibited. For instance, purchasing the bunny pattern and modifying it to produce bears, cats, dogs, or other animals for sale is not allowed
  • Altering the scale of our patterns to create dolls of different sizes for sale is not allowed

Safety and quality

  • As the creator, you are trusted with the responsibility of ensuring the dolls and other items you make using our sewing patterns meet high standards and comply with safety regulations in each country where you sell them. For instance, selling dolls in the United Kingdom requires them to be UKCA-marked and adhere to the toy safety directive. Keep in mind that standards and regulations vary across different countries.

Protecting our brand

  • Studio Seren reserves the right to revoke permission for selling items made from our patterns at any time, without explanation. If a seller doesn't adhere to the above terms or engages in activities deemed inappropriate, unethical, or infringing on intellectual property, authorisation to sell items from our patterns will be withdrawn immediately

By adhering to these terms, you contribute to a fair, creative, and sustainable crafting community. We appreciate your cooperation and are excited to support your small business to thrive

If you are interested in running face-to-face workshops using our patterns you can find out more information here 


Copyright of Studio Seren patterns

Sharing, selling, or distribution of our patterns and instructions, whether electronically or in printed form, is strictly prohibited. All components of our sewing patterns and instructions are safeguarded by international copyright law. This protection includes not only the patterns themselves but also the words, images, and illustrations within the instructions

Sharing photographs or videos of our pattern pieces on social media is strictly forbidden and constitutes a violation of copyright.

Any alteration, adaptation, translation, or creation of derivative works based on our sewing patterns, whether in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a breach of our copyright. Examples of derivative works include resizing our patterns, making minor adjustments to them, adapting them to create other animals, and selling our pattern with new instructions and photography - all of which are strictly prohibited

Please contact if you have any questions