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Christmas tree dress

Make this cute Christmas tree dress for a special Christmas gift or decoration

One thing I love about Christmas is the decorations. All the pretty lights and cute and colourful characters everywhere really bring a smile to your face! Our house is covered in Christmas dolls that my mum and my nana have made over the years. It makes the house so cosy and cheerful 

Dolls make great Christmas decorations. I've shown you how to turn some of my patterns into gingerbread men and snowmen. Today I'm going to share with you how to make a Christmas tree dress for your dolls! 

christmas tree dress for studio seren doll

I've used the ruffle dress which comes with my unicorn sewing pattern, but you could use a simpler dress such as the cat dress or dog dress

Make your dress from green fabric and sew Christmas decorations to it. I've sewn small multi-coloured pom-poms to my dress, but you could sew beads or sequins to yours. It's a really fun dress to experiment with!  

Studio Seren christmas tree dress

If you'd like to attach pom-poms to your dress...

  1. Position the pom-pom on the skirt
  2. Thread a needle with two ends of a piece of thread, creating a loop at the end
  3. Place the needle through the back of the skirt underneath the pom-pom
  4. Thread the needle through the back of the pom-pom and back through the skirt
  5. Thread the needle through the loop to create a knot
  6. Repeat until the pom-pom is secured to the skirt

I've paired my Christmas tree dress with the crown and boots from the fairy outfit pattern, but you could have fun experimenting with other combinations! 

I hope you have fun making this cute Christmas decoration! 

Lots of love and happy sewing

Emma x

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